M 20 Motorway – Journey Time Benefits


As the M20 scheme represents a major motorway upgrade to an existing national primary road, the potential journey time benefits for road users are expected to be significant.The analysis undertaken as part of the 2011 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the M20 scheme estimated that completion of the scheme would result in a reduction in journey time of approximately 16 minutes, compared to existing travel times on the N20.  This is equivalent to a 26% reduction in journey time.

Indecon has extended the 2011 analysis by applying the estimated percentage changes in journey times to current (2017) traffic volumes on the N20.  This would indicate potentially significant time savings from completion of the M20 in the case of a number of selected typical journeys (see table below).

In particular,  the estimated end-to-end  (Blarney to Patrickswell) journey reduction to from 63 minutes to 47 minutes will offer a substantial improvement to the connectivity of the Cork and Limerick urban centres, as well as providing shorter travel times for the surrounding hinterlands. As travel volumes on the existing N20 continue to expand with the economic recovery, the potential impact of completion of the M20 in reducing journey times would also increase.


Origin Destination Estimated Journey Time

(mins) – Existing N20

Estimated Journey Time

(mins) – with M20


Estimated Time

Savings (mins)

Limerick City Cork City 96 80 -16
Patrickswell Blarney 63 47 -16
Croom Limerick City 25 23 -2
Croom Cork City 74 59 -15
Charleville Limerick City 38 33 -5
Charleville Cork City 56 45 -11
Buttevant Limerick City 51 42 -9
Buttevant Cork City 44 36 -8
Mallow Limerick City 62 51 -11
Mallow Cork City 33 28 -5


The existing N20 corridor, due to its connectivity with major regional industrial areas and accessibility to strategic ports and airports, represents an economic corridor of strategic national importance. The M20 catchment contains a diverse economy that will benefit  from the improved transport connectivity that would be provided through completion of the motorway. In particular, the presence of large multinationals and indigenous businesses and primary producers which utilise the N20 as a supply route for production inputs as well as transporting finished product on to domestic and export markets, underscores the implications of the existing deficiencies. In its current form, the existing N20 route is considered to be not fit-for-purpose, particularly given the high level of commercial activity taking place between Ireland’s second- and third-largest cities, and given the presence of key sectors including engineering, pharma, ICT, logistics and agri-food producers in the region. Further, providing greater levels of urban clustering and knowledge-spill overs, that a motorway investment would offer, is considered by TII to offer nontrivial potential productivity gains.2

The estimated journey time reductions that would arise through completion of the M20 represent important productivity benefits for businesses and commuters, as well as general road users.  By reducing the cost of transportation, there will be a direct logistics-related productivity and competitiveness benefit for businesses which are transporting inputs and moving finished product to domestic and export markets.  In addition, by reducing commuting times for employees, the M20 would expand the supply of skilled labour which is accessible to firms in the region (this aspect is examined in detail in Section 5 of this report). It should be noted that survey research conducted by RED C Research found that over one-third (35%) of the surveyed firms’ employees utilise the N20 to commute daily to their place of work.

By addressing the existing weaknesses, the benefits of completion of the M20 in terms of productivity and reduced costs for businesses and employees would combine to enhance the competitiveness of the Mid-West and South-West Regions, improving their attractiveness for FDI and indigenous investment, and boosting potential economic growth and employment creation

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The transport/accessibility benefits from the completion of the M20 provide a further incentive to foreign and domestic investors in relation to facilitating the development of industrial sites along the catchment area of the scheme. The M20 would play an important role in this context through improving accessibility and marketability of industrial sites and land banks in the scheme corridor to investors.  The region boasts a wide sectoral eco-system including employment in the biopharma, engineering, ICT, life-sciences, energy, tourism, professional/financial services and agri-food sectors. The development of the M20 would improve labour market access to employers in these sectors as well as incentivise future investment in the region.

In this context, it should be noted that the World Economic Forum recently ranked Ireland’s road infrastructure in 32nd place, behind major FDI rivals in Europe. Addressing the deficiencies in relation to the existing N20 would therefore play a role in improving the competitiveness and attractiveness for foreign investment of regions outside Dublin. The wider region has a strong track record in attracting FDI, for example the South-West Region accounted for 29% of the total net FDI jobs gained over the period examined. Nevertheless, various industry stakeholders attending the regional workshop undertaken as part of this assessment considered the current road to not be fit for purpose, and expressed concerns over the negative connotations a prospective investor may infer from the lack of public investment in critical areas such as the transport network between Ireland’s second and third largest urban centres.

As an illustration of the potential role which completion of the M20 could play in acting as a catalyst for investment and employment creation, Indecon has identified six potential land bank/development sites along the catchment area of the scheme, which are currently at various stages of development/utilisation. The future economic impacts, in terms of potential employment creation that could be supported by these sites, are subject to uncertainty.  If investments were to emerge which utilise the sites, actual job creation potential would be dependent on the nature of the activity and the scale of the investment involved.  Indecon has developed indicative estimates of potential employment generation that could be supported on the six industrial sites, based on alternative scenarios for employment density and the proportion of lands developed

These indicative estimates suggest a potential economy-wide employment impact over time of 8,251 direct and indirect jobs.

Indecon has indicatively estimated that the additional direct employment would support direct annual employment incomes amounting to up to €382 million per annum in gross terms if displacement impacts are excluded. The gross incomes from additional direct jobs supported could in turn provide a gross exchequer impact of up to €128 million per annum, depending on the nature of investment attracted.

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Benefits of the M 20 Motorway



>        The current N20 is under significant capacity constraints due to the recent growth in traffic volumes. Several locations on the current N20 have seen traffic levels at over 120% of capacity in 2017.

>        Development of the M20 would provide a Blarney to Patrickswell journey time of approximately 47 minutes.

>        The M20 scheme would prevent approximately 118 accidents per annum, which could result in an annual monetary saving of €12.4 million.

>        These transport benefits would also underpin the competitiveness of the South-West and Mid-West Regions, through enhancing internal and external connectivity, and improving productivity.

>The M20 would facilitate the development of a Cork-Limerick ‘twin-city’ region, which would provide a complement to Dublin in the context of the National Planning Framework, and the wider Mid-West and South- West Regions (including Kerry) and the Atlantic Corridor.

>The M20 scheme would provide enhanced labour market connectivity for the 273,000 people in the wider catchment’s labour force. The motorway would increase the labour force within a 45-minute commute of major employment centres by an estimated 23% to 243,000 people.

>The M20’s role in enhancing the environment for FDI and indigenous investment has the potential to support an estimated additional 4,000-5,400 direct jobs in the region. In gross terms excluding displacement impacts, these additional direct jobs could provide an annual gross exchequer impact of up to €128 million, depending on the nature of investment attracted.

>The M20 would deliver improved capacity to serve the external trading and connectivity requirements of businesses and tourism in the South-West Region, including through expanding the catchment areas of Cork and Shannon Airports, and the major ports of Cork and Shannon Foynes.

>The scheme would increase the accessibility of the wider South-West and Mid-West Regions for overseas and domestic tourism visitors.

>The M20 would deliver social and community benefits, including reduced stress and improved quality of life for commuters, and enhancing employment opportunities for residents in more remote locations.

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Charleville Tidy Towns Report 2017


The following is the adjudicator’s report for Charleville in this year’s SuperValu Tidy Towns Competition, which this week gave the town an increase of 11 votes for 2017, up from 262 to 273.

Thank you for another great submission in the Tidy Towns competition. Your A4 map along with the accompanying key on the A4 sized sheet made your projects easy to find. Congratulations on winning the most improved Town Award in the Cork County Council Anti-Litter challenge. The community involvement is particularly evident the youth category and you are to be commended for your work in this area. So many of your projects involve the schools not just helping you but in the actual design of some of your excellent projects. The derelict house on Smith’s Lane project is certainly one to be proud of. You are aiming high and the community cooperation is taking your results even higher, from the original design of the bug hotel to the kids deciding it should have extra art decoration Working with the county council is important to achieve both of your aims. We were pleased to note that the number of poster being affixed to poles is decreasing as a result of your work with the County Council removing such posters. It is wonderful that you are experiencing what you refer to as “exceptionally positive feedback across the board in the community”. We join you in hoping that this will translate into more active participation in Charleville Tidy Towns

Built Environment and Landscape (41 points, up from 38 last year)

Your lovely wide streets are very well presented, generally free from clutter. Charleville does not appear to have as many derelict shops as would be found in other towns of its size. There are some very well kept impressive buildings such as Murry & Son Ltd. The appearance of this street will certainly improve if your current target of over 70% of buildings interested in participating in the street painting programme is achieved. We look forward to seeing the results. However it was surprising to note that the Tourist information sign on the Main Street was in such bad repair. Your fountain project is particularly innovative. It is a wonderful concept to marry the two major industries in Charlevill; dairying and stainless steel manufacture. Your pictures helped highlight the many stages that it took to put this in place. The milk churns on the cart emphasise the community identity of being a part of the Golden Vale. A great example of businesses, public services and community coming together to create a centrepiece which reflects part of what is best from the town. The derelict house on Smith Street was fully finished by day of adjudication. The wonderful window displays were an extra nice touch. The photos of the before and after of the new footpaths at Farm Gate and Kimallock road junction East truly demonstrate the amazing improvement. It creates a more useable street. The photos show how cars used to park on the footpath where now there is a lovely demarcation.

Landscaping and Open Spaces ((32 points, 31 in 2016)

Your park is a fantastic community open space. The different age appropriate playgrounds from the very young, to teenagers right up to the bright yellow well-kept equipment for adults ensures something for all. However one of the pitches seemed to have been allowed to let the grass grow a bit longer which would hinder some games. We hope that this is a temporary measure. The open space opposite the fountain was a beautiful array of lavender and simply buzzing with bees. We used our pen to put in the sun dial as the pointer and it did seem to work! It is difficult to imagine the Library plaza area being anything but the haven it currently is. The new panting in this area really finishes it off nicely and enhances the area as a place to relax. Seating areas are so important as they provide a very important social resource. The colourful murals provide a wonderful backdrop to this communal space. On day of adjudication it was being highly utilised. The Garden of Remembrance is very well maintained. No weeds were noted here. The rockery could benefit from some structure at vertical stages, e.g. short logs across the soil to prevent heavy rains carrying the soil away. Once again your school students have done you proud with the shrubs at the entrance to St. Mary’s School. The before picture here help highlight the transformation. These low maintenance shrubs have a great softening effect.

Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities ((26 marks, 25 in 2016)

The park was alive with birdsong. Many wag tails were noted. The information boards produced by the transition year students of St. Marys highlighting the different birds and trees were admired. Maybe for the tree board take one the current inserts out and insert a child friendly poster explaining the importance of creating habitats for our local flora and fauna. You mention that you chose boards with Perspex covering so that you could change the display as was needed. This is a wonderful idea as it keeps people interested and engaged. Not every Tidy Towns committee will have the expertise nor know-how as to what resources it currently has. You were fortunate to have a local ecologist to assist you. The Japanese knot weed” Do Not Cut” signs were spotted. It is great that the importance of keeping this under control is understood and acted on. The wildflowers outside O’Sheas are probably not having your desired results yet. However, not all projects work all of the time. The wildflowers at Canon Burke Place are certainly thriving.

Tidiness and Litter Control (50 marks, 49 in 2016)

The work you have carried out on the edges of the footpaths and roads is evident. Some excellent examples include the old Cork Road. A high degree of litter control was evident in main streets and in the housing estates. Your co-ordinated approach here is having the desired effect.

Sustainable Waste and Resource Management (18 marks, 16 in 2016)

You are starting to take a very structured approach to this category which is to be commended. It is one that many groups struggle with. Sometimes starting with a blank page can be so off putting for groups. Don’t forget help is at hand. Check out the Tidy Towns website for more ideas. Best of luck to the talented CBS students as they take their The “Ditch your Carbon Cup Print” project to the National Final of the Eco UNESCO Young Environmentalist’s Award Your new water harvesting project was installed around the back of the library. We would be interested to see how much water this does save.

Residential Streets and Housing Areas ((30 marks, 29 in 2016)

As mentioned above, your continued work with many of the housing estates is enhancing your town, with well-kept grass verges, green areas and mainly litter-free areas. Well done to Hill View Drive on their big clean up. The area was looking well on day of adjudication. Brightly coloured houses were noted in Batt Donegan place. The children were making good use of the green areas. However some trees at the back need to be replaced. The old stone walls did look well. Ensure that when you are cleaning them that it is in an environmentally friendly manner. They are an attractive feature but their nooks and crannies are also a haven for insects.

Approach Roads, Streets and Lanes (37 marks, 36 in 2016)

As an historical market town, lanesways are a part of your heritage. They can sometimes create an eyesore so it is always appreciated when groups take on a project to help rejuvenate these. Well done on this. The landscaping at the Amber service station provides a smart welcoming feature. The HSE building has a lovely avenue of trees and some good planting leading towards the industrial estate. The verges along the graveyard are very well kept The red and white flowers on the walls of the GAA must be extra special to residents, by providing extra county colours in addition to helping brighten up this dull wall. Broad Street looks like it has already benefitted from a recent painting upgrade including the Charleville and district childcare and family education centre. The Limerick Road was looking well. The screening was noted and is in good condition. We appreciate that it is not always possible to follow up on adjudicator comments such as trees may not be possible at the IDA industrial estate. Maybe even just painting the gates would provide a more welcoming aspect to this area.

Concluding Remarks

You certainly took on a wide variety of projects this year. Congratulations on getting so many people involved. We wish you continued success into the future.

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Tidy Towns Update August 2017


There was a great response to our flag day on Friday, 18th August.  Contributions amounted to €1395 .We thank all those who contributed so generously and assure you your money is making a difference. Thank you also to our volunteers who manned the tables on the day.


To those traders in town who responded so generously to our letter appeal, we are very grateful. Your contributions make it possible for us to take on projects which make Charleville a more attractive place in which to shop and conduct business. Some receipts have already been issued and the remainder will shortly be distributed.


Many of our projects involve the use of equipment and CPH have consistently supported us in this regard. Your assistance, which is so generoulsy given, is acknowledged and greatly appreciated


Thank you to the Vale Star who have helped us reach a wide audience by their willingness to publish all the notes and articles we submit to them.

We also thank Charleville Chamber for including our notes on their website.

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Charleville Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic 2017

Charleville Golf Club ambassador David O’Sullivan, James Foley, Sales Director Cavanagh’s Charleville and P. J. McCarthy, President Charleville Chamber with the Ford Mondeo car that could be won for a hole-in-one at the 16th in the forthcoming Charlevilel Chamber Golf Classic at the club on the 26th May next.

Charleville Chamber of Commerce will be running a Golf Classic in conjunction with Cavanaghs of Charleville and Charleville Golf Club on Thursday 25th and Friday May 26th at Charleville Golf Club.

Charleville Chamber is a voluntary local body, the members of which are elected annually and give up their free time to promote Charleville as a location for commercial, retail and industrial activity and as a residential centre. We are currently working on projects such as CCTV Installation in the town, Renovation of Moatville House, Engineering Cluster and Promotion of local businesses. The management of these projects requires a certain amount of finance hence our need to become involved in fund raising activities.

The format for the Golf Classic will be a ‘Champagne Scramble’ with teams of 3 taking part. The price of a team is €180 which includes tea/coffee and scone on arrival, snack bag for the round ahead and carvery dinner and dessert on completion of the round.

Prizes include 14 Four Balls at some of Ireland’s best Golf courses including Castlemartyr Resort, Dromoland Castle Golf & Country Club, Glasson Country House Golf Club, Dooks Golf Club, Rosslare Golf Club, Kinsale Golf Club and Dingle Golf Club.

There will be 4 Ball prizes for

Best Ladies Team

Best Seniors Team

Longest Drive (Men & Women)

Nearest to Pin (Men & Women)

The Star Attraction will be an amazing prize of a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi ST-Line x Car to the value of €31,000 from Cavanaghs of Charleville for a lucky golfer who gets a hole in one on the par 3 16th hole.

There will be ancillary prizes of

3 Night Holiday in Marriott Praia del Ray, Portugal

2 Night Golf Trip for 4 people to Marriott Forest of Arden

For a Hole in 1 on the other two Par 3’s on the course.

There is also the opportunity for any businesses to become a sponsor for the event with your company name appearing on an 8 X 4 display on the day. Any company that would be interested in becoming a sponsor can contact Sean on 063 33133.

It promises to be a great occasion so get practicing your swing.

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Tidy Towns Clean Up Weekend

Charleville Tidy Towns is appealing to all residents of Charleville to come out this weekend (5th – 7th May) to clean up the area where they live. We hope that residents associations will get involved and encourage everybody to take part in their own neighbourhood.  We would like to see residents of all housing estates, residents of all approach roads as well as residents of all streets, lanes and roads in the town itself to take pride in the appearance of their own patch and have their own locality spic and span. We are aware that some areas have already done a clean-up and we thank them.

We are making a special appeal to all organisations and associations, especially those bodies engaged with young people, i.e. the GAA, Camogie, Soccer, Rugby, Scouts to encourage their members to turn out in force to ensure their grounds and surrounds are litter free.

Charleville Tidy Towns will facilitate the clean up by having a supply of bags available. Please contact Councillor Ian Doyle (087 6644654) for same.  Cork County Council will ensure all litter will be collected as soon as possible after the clean-up is completed.

Charleville is a wonderful place in which to live. It is our town and our responsibility to make it as pleasant as possible a place to live in, work in and play in. Let’s show our pride in our town by taking part in the clean up this weekend.


The anti-litter challenge, run by Cork county Council starts on Monday, 8th May. There will be three judging periods, 8 -17 May, 22 – 31 May and 6 -14 June. During these dates, adjudicators will visit and judge our streets, residential areas, green areas and school/service areas according to the presence/absence of litter. We appeal to everyone to be conscious of disposing of their litter in the bins provided and their cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles. We appeal to residents of all estates to keep their roadways and green areas litter free. We appeal especially to the owners of licenced premises, fast food outlets and bookmakers to be vigilant and spend a few minutes each morning to ensure the footpaths outside their premises are litter and cigarette but free.


As reported in the Vale Star on 13th April, the Fermoy Municipal District Streetscape, Painting& Signage Scheme was launched recently. Tenants or owners of buildings can avail of a grant of up to 50% of the cost of painting the facades along the street. Dulux has also committed to giving a 20% reduction on the cost of the paint. Charleville Tidy Towns volunteers have visited many of the businesses in the town, mainly on Main St, and distributed brochures and application forms. If we have missed out on your business please contact Cork County Council Office on the Cork Road to obtain your application form. Closing date for receipt of applications in 12th May.





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Charleville C.B.S. ‘Ditch Your Cabon Cup Print’ project celebrates a double success story!

(Back Row L-R: Conor Buckley, Paul Drinan, Brian Clifford, Eamonn O’Sullivan

Front Row L-R: Luke Moore, Jack Twomey, Thomas Foley)

The project  ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ was announced by Young Social Innovators as the 2017 Winner of Make our world Greener Challenge. As the winner of one of the eleven YSI Challenges, the project is also in the running for the overall Young Social Innovators of the Year Awards and is invited to present to a panel of judges at this year’s ceremony on May 11th in the Convention Centre Dublin.

The project has also qualified for the national Final of the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalists Awards.

The ECO-UNESCO Young environmentalist Awards is Ireland’s biggest all-island celebration of youth ECO-Action. Since 1999, the ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards has recognised and rewarded the environmental actions of thousands of young people 12 and 18 who are working to protect, conserve and enhance our environment through local environmental action projects, making a difference to their lives and the lives of others locally and globally

Three students from the project team recently travelled to the semi-final stage of the competition at the Munster ECO-Den. They impressed a panel of expert judges by pitching their eco-action project to secure a place in the Final, which takes place on May 23rd at the Mansion House in Dublin. There was great excitement at Charleville C.B.S when the project was shortlisted for the Eco Unesco Final, where they will join over 80 other groups from around Ireland.

Project summary

‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ is an environmental project. The main aim of the project is to reduce Carbon Emissions (C02) locally and nationally by encouraging people to bring their own reusable cup and ditch the disposable paper cup when getting a take out beverage in garages and coffee outlets throughout the country. To kick-start the idea, the students have organised a ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ (DYCCP) week in Charleville, May 15th -19th. It is hoped that, during this designated week, people will get a discount on a beverage when they bring their own reusable cup when buying a take out beverage from shops and garages in the town. To ensure the success of the designated DYCCP week the students sought the help, support and advise of the Charleville Chamber of Commerce. Mr. P.J. McCarthy and Mr. Sean Fitzgibbon from the Chamber offered invaluable advice and encouragement to the students. The Chamber will mentor the students in this Endeavour and lend its support to the project. The students described their meeting with the Chamber as; ‘educational, insightful, a good learning curve and reported that their confidence in the work of the project had grown.

The students intend to collect relevant data for their project by conducting a survey in the town, before and during the designated ‘DYCCP’ week. The survey will address people’s attitude to: the environment, CO2 emissions, the use of the disposable paper cup versus the use of a reusable cup and the environmental cost to the planet.

In the course of their research, the students have formed links with like-minded people involved in similar projects in countries such as USA, Denmark and Sweden. One of the perceived problems with bringing your own reusable cup for a take out beverage is the inconvenience of the standard available reusable cups. During the ‘DYYCP’ week, it is hoped that a compact, collapsible, totally sealed, reusable cup, which is extremely convenient when on- the –go, will be available to purchase in Charleville. The school will approach local businesses for sponsorship, which under the C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) scheme might consider donating funds to ensure the success of the ‘DYCCP’ week. Business can benefit from such sponsorship in a number of ways:

  • Recognition and Public Relations exercise.
  • They are contributing to the Education of the students in Charleville (experientaial model of learning) and educational initiatives such as Homework Club, CodeBro’s Coding Club, Social and Scientific Project work.
  • They can include their contribution in their C.S.R. scheme.

The work is ongoing and the students are relying on the support of the local people in ensuring that their project is a success. People can help the students in this initiative in a number of ways by:

  • participating in the surveys conducted before and during the designated ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ week.
  • taking a reusable cup for their daily take-out beverage to their favourite coffee/beverage outlet during the designated week.
  • buying the new compact, collapsible, totally sealed, reusable cup.The proceeds of which will go to the school for educational initiatives, such as: homework club, CodeBro’s club, social and scientific project (B.T. Young Scientist, Young Social Innovators, Eco Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards etc)
  • Providing sponsorship under the C.S.R.scheme.

Pending the success of this week the students will build on the project and advance it further. The ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ week will provide a model, which will be presented to the Department of the Environment and the EPA for consideration to be rolled out nationally. Such a campaign would be established as an annual designated week/fortnight held throughout the towns and villages of Ireland. We envisage that once established, nationally, the initiative will be lead by local TY students. Charleville C.B.S. will provide schools interested in participating with a ‘DYCCP’ Education Pack, which will enable them to organise, host and evaluate their local  ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ week.

The group are calling on the support of the public to vote for their project for the ‘People’s Choice Award 2017’, an award decided by online public poll. Voting is open from 2nd until 15th of May on www.ecounesco.ie and the winner will be announced at the Final.




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Importance of Networking



NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! –

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.

Ultimately, it’s not about who you know … but WHO KNOWS YOU!!

Ask any senior executive, politician, community leader or successful salesperson which single skill or habit helped them excel in their career – an overwhelming majority will respond with one simple word… Networking.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, emails, status updates, special offers, and sales pitches creating a cluttered message. Personal relationships enable you and your organization to stand out, rise above the noise and remain top of mind.

Relationships are the catalyst for success.
People do business with those they like and trust.
Serve as a resource, help others succeed.

Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships.

To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network.


-Learn dynamics within your industry
-Establish your business contacts
-Get “plugged in” to your community
-Seek new career opportunities

-Facilitate win-win relationships
-Create your referral networks
-Accelerate your professional development
-Develop knowledge resources

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St Josephs Foundation Job Shadow Day


Over 1000 jobseekers and employers set to team up for Job Shadow Day 2017

The Irish Association of Supported Employment (IASE) is pleased to announce the tenth annual Job Shadow Day (Wednesday 26th April) and will see hundreds of people with disabilities take the opportunity to shadow a workplace mentor as he or she goes about a normal working day.

Job Shadow Day is designed to give people with disabilities the unique opportunity to get a close up look at the world of work for one day in April each year, to discover and learn about the skills and education required to compete and succeed in the work place.

Job Shadow Day brings people with disabilities and local employers together to highlight the valuable contribution people with disabilities can, and do make in the workplace. Last year, close to 800 individuals with a disability shadowed at over 500 employment sites in Ireland, with 55 securing a permanent job placement as a direct result.

Everybody is encouraged to open their doors to ability and inclusion. Previous high profile participants who have hosted a ‘shadow’ for the day are: An Taoiseach, Norah Casey, Ray D’Arcy, Ryan Tubridy, Feargal Quinn, Padraig O’Ceidigh, Neven Maguire, Brendan O’Connor, Ken Doherty.

Sean Gallagher, entrepreneur and business writer: “I would encourage all employers to get involved with IASE Job Shadow Day 2017 and to embrace a positive belief in the workplace abilities and talents of people with disabilities. As someone who has faced many challenges in business and life, I am very aware of the many challenges people with disabilities have to overcome.”

“Research continues to show that a diverse workforce leads to increased productivity, innovation and improved business performance. Supported employment only works because it makes good business sense.”

Senator David Norris: “Having participated in Job Shadow Day I know how important it is both for the individual taking part but also for highlighting the fact that a person with a disability can make a significant contribution to the work place. I encourage as many employers and job seekers as possible to take part in this year’s Job Shadow Day 26th April 2017.”

Peter Furlong, Chairman, IASE: “This event has grown, year on year, since it started in 2007. It’s been a real success in capturing people’s attention and bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate and promote the very worthwhile contribution people with disabilities make to the workplace.  Having had people the calibre of Norah Casey (Harmonia), Orla Moran (Irish Jobs.ie), An Taoiseach Enda Kenny amongst others champion this initiative is an endorsement of the business case of employment for people with disabilities.

“We want to build on this success and keep on breaking down barriers to the workplace which, despite much progress in recent years, still remains a significant issue for people with disabilities.”

This truly is a great opportunity to promote inclusive business and employment.

Employers and job seekers interested in participating in Job Shadow Day 2017 are invited to register their interest at www.iase.ie

Irish Association of Supported Employment (IASE)

The IASE is the only organisation in Ireland whose unique sole function is the promotion of employment for people with disabilities. The IASE believes that everyone should experience the dignity & purpose of a job and works to inspire organisations to transform people’s lives through supported employment.

IASE Job Shadow Day

On Wednesday 26th April 2017, hundreds of individuals with disabilities throughout Ireland will be afforded a unique opportunity to shadow a workplace mentor as he or she goes through a normal working day at hundreds of employment sites/companies throughout Ireland.
































































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